“Like most of us, you work all week and you don’t have a chance to take a CHL class … We’re here to help!”


What is a CHL-100?

You do not have to pursue your state application with Texas DPS before taking our CHL class. However. starting the application process online with the state will speed up the processing and issuance of your CHL. Once you start the state application process you must send in all required documents, including the Certificate of Training (CHL-100) form we issue you, within 12 months.

What are the on-line addresses of the Texas CHL agencies?

There are two: http://www.texashandgunlicenses.org and https://txapps.texas.gov/txapp/txdps/chl

How long is my CHL license valid? Label

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Upon receipt, of your CHL license, your Texas CHL License is valid for 4 years, and it expires on your 4th birthday after the issuance of the license.

Do I need a CHL if I only carry a firearm in my car?

No, BUT without a CHL you are not legally allowed to carry a firearm to protect yourself or family anywhere else. Most victims are not in their vehicle when they need their firearm. Some establishments are gun-free and you need to recognize these signs. They are discussed in class.

Can I begin carrying a concealed handgun as soon as I finish the class or before I receive my license in the mail?

NO. You must have your Texas CHL in possession.

What does “concealed” mean?

Concealed means that the weapon cannot be visible, and that its presence cannot be discernible through ordinary observation. It is a criminal offense for a license holder to carry a handgun in plain view, or to intentionally fail to conceal the weapon.


“CHL is a HUGE responsibility, but you guys made it so understandable.”

Tamara. Hoker

“I scored 100% in the class AND shooting… thanks to your presentation.”

Brenda White

“I thought that sitting in a class for 4+ hours would be a drag, but y’all made it fast and fun”

Lynn Cassisdy

“Your class made me so much more aware of my surroundings…you labeled it situational awareness and now I know!.”

Frederico Santiago


Please be sure to check the High Caliber Gun Show for our next classes at their shows. www.TexasGunShows.com

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